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  • The magic formula for all-around road performance is a precise blend of frame stiffness and riding compliance—all in a lightweight chassis. With its Advanced-grade composite frameset, TCR Advanced delivers unbeatable versatility. The OverDrive steerer system and MegaDrive downtube help you rail the toughest corners at speed, and the Variant seatpost is engineered with just enough compliance. The result is pedal-stomping stiffness for sprints and accelerations, plus energy-saving compliance for big days in the saddle.

                                  Advanced-grade Composite frame
                                  Shimano Tiagra 10-speed groupset
                                  Giant Composite Variant seatpost
                                  Giant Connect stem and Contact handlebar
                                  Giant S-R2 wheelset

                                  Kadro : Advanced-Grade Composite
                                  Çatal : Advanced-Grade Composite, Hybrid OverDrive Steerer
                                  Gidon : Giant Contact
                                  Gidon Boğazı : Giant Connect
                                  Sele Borusu : Giant Variant, composite
                                  Sele : Contact forward
                                  Vites Kolları : Shimano Tiagra
                                  Ön Aktarıcı : Shimano Tiagra
                                  Arka Aktarıcı : Shimano Tiagra
                                  Frenler : Shimano Tiagra
                                  Fren Kolları : Shimano Tiagra
                                  Arka Dişli : Shimano Tiagra 12-28, 10s
                                  Zincir : X10
                                  Krank Takımı : Shimano Tiagra 34/50
                                  Bottom Bracket : Shimano RS500
                                  Jantlar : S-R2
                                  Göbek : S-R2
                                  Jant Telleri : S-R2
                                  Lastikler : Giant P-SL 1, Front and Rear Specific, 700x25 Folding

                                  XS   157 cm  167 cm
                                  S   167 cm  173 cm
                                  M   173 cm  178 cm
                                  ML   178 cm  183 cm
                                  L   183 cm  188 cm
                                  XL   188 cm  194 cm
                                      XS S M ML L XL
                                  A SEAT TUBE LENGTH (mm) 425 445 470 500 525 550
                                  B SEAT TUBE ANGLE (degrees) 74,5° 73,5° 73,0° 73,0° 73,0° 72,0°
                                  C TOP TUBE LENGTH (mm) 515 535 550 570 580 605
                                  D HEAD TUBE LENGTH (mm) 123 133 148 168 188 203
                                  E HEAD TUBE ANGLE (degrees) 71,0° 72,5° 73,0° 73,0° 73,0° 73,0°
                                  F FORK RAKE (mm) 45 45 45 45 45 45
                                  G TRAIL (mm) 70 60 57 57 57 57
                                  H WHEELBASE (mm) 972 974 976 997 1007 1021
                                  I CHAIN STAY LENGTH (mm) 405 405 405 405 405 405
                                  J BOTTOM BRACKET DROP (mm) 70 68 68 65 65 65
                                  K STACK (mm) 517 529 545 567 581 595
                                  L REACH (mm) 372 378 383 398 402 412
                                  M STAND OVER HEIGHT (mm) 724 742 765 787 805 823
                                  N HANDLEBAR WIDTH (mm) 400 400 420 420 440 440
                                  O STEM LENGTH (mm) 80 90 110 110 110 120
                                  P CRANK LENGTH (mm) 170,0 170,0 172,5 172,5 172,5 175,0
                                  Q WHEEL SIZE  700C 700C 700C 700C 700C 700C

                                  FEATURES: Giant’s most advanced fork steerer-tube technology. Oversized headset bearings (1 1/4-inch top and 1 1/2-inch bottom bearings) and a tapered steerer tube combine for unprecedented steering performance with no additional weight.

                                  BENEFIT: Compared to the already stiff OverDrive system, OverDrive 2 provides up to 30 percent more torsional steering stiffness. This translates into industry-leading steering precision. Whether you’re sprinting for the finish or cornering hard in the most demanding conditions, you can ride with more power and confidence.

                                  1. 1 1/4-inch top bearing
                                  2. 1 ½-inch bottom bearing
                                  3. 1 1/4 –inch stem
                                  4. Tapered steerer-tube
                                  5. Custom OverDrive 2 expansion wedge

                                  FEATURES: Giant’s original oversized fork steerer-tube technology. Designed to provide solid front-end steering performance, the system’s oversized headset bearings and tapered steerer tube provide optimal steering stiffness. Road models feature 1 1/8-inch top and 1 1/4-inch bottom bearings, while the mountain version features 1 1/8-inch top and 1 1/2-inch bottom bearings.

                                  BENEFIT: OverDrive provides up to 15 percent more torsional steering stiffness than straight steerer-tube designs. This translates into much more accurate steering input from a rider’s hands, through the handlebar and stem, and down to the front wheel. Whether hammering uphill or carving through a corner, OverDrive transmits input directly to the front wheel for more precise handling.


                                  Compact Road

                                  In the late 1990s Giant pioneered a radical new frame shape to give its professional road racers a competitive edge. Driven by a desire to create lighter and faster bikes, Giant's Compact Road Design changed the look—and the performance capabilities—of competitive road bikes forever. 

                                  Now, 17 years later, Compact Road Design is still the standard in high-performance bikes. The concept is simple: A toptube that slopes downward from the headtube to the seattube reduces the size of the front and rear triangles. Smaller triangles create a lighter, stiffer bike.

                                  Whatever the frame material, aluminum or composite, Compact Road Design improves the ride. Here's how:


                                  Compact Road’s most distinctive feature, the downward-sloping toptube, results in smaller front and rear triangles on the frame. Because the triangles are smaller, less material is needed. Less material equals less weight.


                                  Picture two triangles made from equal diameter tubing. The smaller, more compact triangle uses shorter tubes. The larger triangle requires longer tubes. It’s easy to see which is more structurally sound—the smaller triangle is stiffer, less susceptible to flexing and twisting. And on a performance road frame, stiffer is faster.


                                  With traditional geometry, builders increase stiffness by using stiffer material. That might help you sprint faster but it also makes for a less comfortable ride. With Compact Road, Giant engineers are able to design frames with just the right amount of vertical compliance. You get a smoother, more comfortable ride.

                                  BETTER FIT

                                  Because of the sloping toptube and lower standover height, it’s easier for riders of all sizes to get the perfect fit. With greater adjustability and up to six sizes per series, even Giant’s most demanding pro athletes, women and men of all different heights, always have a perfect fit with stock-size frames.

                                  COMPACT ROAD SIZING

                                  49-51 5'2" - 5'4" XS 42/52
                                  51-54 5'4" - 5'7" S 44/53.5
                                  55-57 5'7" - 5'10" M 50/55.5
                                  57-59 5'10" - 6'0" M/L 53.5/57
                                  58-60 6'0" - 6'3" L 55.5/58.5
                                  61-63 6'3" - 6'6" XL 58.5/61

                                  ADVANCED COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGY

                                  Giant's High Performance-grade raw carbon fiber is used to produce custom composite material in our own composite factory. Extremely lightweight, stiff and compliant, these handcrafted frames feature the following materials and processes:

                                  MATERIALS: High Performance-grade raw carbon material features an excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio. 

                                  RESIN: High Performance formula provides excellent void minimization (bubbles) while maintaining outstanding strength. And vibration absorbing particles are added to help disperse road shock. 

                                  MODIFIED MONOCOQUE CONSTRUCTION: The front triangle (downtube, headtube, toptube, seattube) is assembled and molded as one continuous piece. This front half is then joined to the rear chainstays and seatstays in a secondary process. This process eliminates the outermost woven composite sheet to reduce weight without affecting ride quality, strength or stiffness.

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